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We got you covered

From photos to video tours we cover it all in an all in one package. 

Interior & Exterior Photos
Interior & Exterior Video
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See Whats New!

New tech

We're introducing a new drone to our aerial fleet. This amazing new addition has an incredible camera that can produce raw photos, smooth aerial movements and an impressive 4k video. The battery life is longer give more time for more aerial content. Don't be fooled by its size, this little guy can produce some big content that will truly stun your clients. 

Phantom 4 Pro



The free community photos are for qualifying communities and packages. 

Hundreds of agents from dozens of agencies have trusted

South Meadow Productions for their tours.

Will You?

Can You Feel The Rhythm

The Power of Music

We can! Every time we edit a video together music plays a HUGE role. In times we can spend hours looking for that perfect song. We look for a song that matches the style and feel of the home. When we find it we edit the video to the song and thats where the emotion is created. Beat by beat we listen to the feel of the song and edit each clip in. By the end of the song it has it own experience you may want to enjoy again and again. Without music a video is boring and emotionless. By picking the right song will create a lasting emotion that will grab your audiences attention and keep them engaged longer and ultimately wanting them to watch again or the next video. Our job is to attract and engage the audience to get you as the agent the most potential attention and beat those competing listings. Now its up to you to finish it up.

Were not just photographers

We are constently finding ways to impove our product in not only photo / video, but what we're filming as well. Based on countless agents, insiration from HGTV, and Houzz we will help guide and direct each room to show its full potential and present a clean clutter free enviorment. In addition to our photography this will create more attention and desire to see the property. Oh did we mention its a free service. Take a look for yourself at our before & after.


Staging Matters

On the left: looks more roomy and brighter.

On the right: looks clean and inviting.


With our prices why bother




With our base photo package at $175 why waste your time. We'll shoot, edit, and deliver high quality images all ready for MLS. All you have to do is upload the photos. With this convenience you'll also stand out amongst the crowd by simply having better quality photos. iPhones are great, but the equipment we use will give an immediate difference to the quality. Composition! Wide angle! Editing! High quality! Reliable!







What's a

Video Tour

A "Virtual Tour" is not the same as a "Video Tour."  A Video Tour involves more than simply stitching together a few photos. A video adds dimension, character, and emotion that a photo, "Virtual Tour" can't match.

Old Virtual tours are out!!!

Professionaly produced HD Video Tours are

the wave of the future and sell homes faster.

CBS News

More than 70% of all web visitors

watch online videos.

NY Times

The Right Stuff

Professional Gear Quality Products

In order to produce quality you must first start with quality.

All of our Real Estate Video tours and photography are filmed with some the industries top gear. From lenses to capture the darkest of rooms to vertical stabalizers to put you in smooth motion through the house. Our promise is to keep our gear up to date to keep your listing up to date.

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