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Real Estate Photos And Video Tours



Still Photography

All real estate still photos are taken on a professional camera with a professional wide angle lens. All post editing is done in Lightroom and exported to MLS specifications. For every listing we shoot as many shoots as we need to to cover the entire property and allow you to choose the ones you want for the listing.

Our HDR photos reveal a clear, bright, and natural look that will engage buys. We use all natural light to aluminate the shot and balance the highlights and shadows. Our process eliminates those dark shadows and blown out windows in nearly every shot. The results are crystal clear, wide angle images showing property in the absolute best possible way. See below samples.

Pulled from an active MLS listing
One of our photos

Hi Res Photos

Hi-Res photo versions are always available at no additional cost, but you must request them before we deliver the photos because we don't automatically provided them.

Turn around and delivery

All photos will be delivered with in 24 hours based on size of home. Because we take far more photos then most it takes a bit longer to edit everything. 24 hour turnaround time is based on a home smaller then 3500 sqft. All shoots spanning the weekend will continue the following non holiday week day.


The photos will be delivered by email download. A link to our Google drive account with your personal folder will be provided. Keep this email for all future shoots as we will add future project to this folder. Please note you will have a week to download and review. After a week no revisions can be made without an additional cost. 

Weekend and Holidays

Weekends are great and so is family. So we reserve weekends for family. We are officially closed on Saturday and Sundays. However if you must have a property shot on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays weekend or Holiday rates will apply. 


Saturday Rates: Add $50 to package price

Sunday Rates:   Add $200 to Package price

Holiday Level I: Add $300 to package price

        (Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Halloween, Veterains) 


        (Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, 4th of July, Memorial)

Reshoot and retouching

All retouches and reshoots that need to be done because of something we missed will be done at no cost to the agent. Once we determine a reshoot is needed we will schedule you to the top of the list and complete whats needed as quickly as possible.  However retouches or reshoots after final delivery will be billed to the agent at $50 to start for each element. For example: Reshoot exterior ground photos and aerial photos because grass is mowed. Total Reshoot Cost $100

Rights and ownership

Under current copyright laws, the copyright of any photography remains with the photographer unless specifically agreed upon. South Meadow Productions, LLC retains all rights to photos and video taken of properties. We license the use of the images to the listing agent of the property at the time the photos and video are taken. The license of use is extended to the agent for the amount of time that they have the listed property is for sale.  


Photographs and video taken by South Meadow Productions, LLC are not to be used for any purpose other than the marketing of the property listing. Agents must obtain permission from South Meadow Productions, LLC to use the image for any other medium (marketing of agent's services, Photo books, etc). If permissions are granted we ask you credit South Meadow Productions, LLC or Kevin Westlund.

At this time South Meadow Productions, LLC does not provide exclusivity to an one agent. 


Photographs taken for an agent can be passed on to another agent should the seller wish to change real estate agents. South Meadow Productions, LLC will contact the original listing agent to inform them of the transaction. The seller or new listing agent must contact us to pay for the rights to the photos and make the connection and initiate the reassigned photos limited rights. What ever service content that is switching over to new agent will be billed at original selling price, non discounted. Its the originals listing agents responsibility to obtain reimbursement from the seller. South Meadow Productions, LLC does not pay original listing agent unless the original listing agent provides the new agent to seller. At the point once South Meadow Productions, LLC is paid in full South Meadow Productions, LLC will split the cost 50% - 50%. If the home owner pays us for the licenses, then they can transfer the images to different agents for the purpose of marketing their home at no cost. The new listing agent will need to contact South Meadow Productions, LLC to reassign the photos to the new agent. Once the home is sold or otherwise off the market regardless of who purchased the content all rights and ownership transfers to South Meadow Productions, LLC.


We realize that real estate is a competitive business, and we do not want to damage our relationship with any customer so it is our policy that we communicate with all parties so every one understands what going on. 


We are fully committed to providing the best service possible. To that end, we are extremely flexible to how our customers use our images. We will work with you to meet your needs. All we ask is that you communicate any transfer of content with us before doing so. Generally, we will be happy to license use of our images for other purposes at no additional cost.

Video Tours

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