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South Meadow Productions is a creative and dynamic production company, based in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 2012 our production team bring nearly 30 years of industry experience to work for our clients. From feature films, live productions, commercials, web content, graphic design, and animation our combined experience in all aspects of photography and video productions allows us to be adaptable in our fast pace changing community. Our vision is to incorporate your unique business culture and dreams into each of our productions



Our producers will plan, produce, and deliver a high quality video solution from start to finish for both web application and traditional distribution formats. All you have to do is share your ideas with us and we'll put it together.
South Meadow Productions is a video production company that really developed its core and vision from the motion picture industry. With years of education studing mainly film (35mm, motion picture) it became second nature to apply this vision on every production. Cinematic style, which is the use of depth of field, steady camera movements, and forground elements are the more common traits of motion picture, but developing those types of shots can be quite costly. The camera gear alone will set most productions over budget.  So we implimented a way to accomplish both cinematic style with cost effective applications.

Kevin Westlund


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