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Lets Build Clarity In Our Vision

As a media production company we aren't just limited to in our approach, we focus on a creative open mind for each client that delivers a clear message. Below are different types of video productions and photography services we offer to help enhance your marketing strategy.

Meet the Fleet

Based in Tampa Florida South Meadow Productions is a premier aerial imaging Drone Operators. 

Real Estate Marketing

The real estate market is an ever charging industry. Today its a great time to sell so lets take advantage of that by presenting a better marketing package then your competition. 

      South Meadow Productions offers high quality Photography to start. Were using high end cameras & wide angle lenses to capture the property and in post Lightroom brings it all together.  Why stop at photos when we can offer our specialty, Full Motion Video Tours. Our video walk throughs tour the entire home interior and exterior. You'll experience a 3D feel by walking in & out of the rooms up & down the stair to reveal each room in the house. Without a doubt these presentations will give your customers a connection to the property before they even set foot in the house. 

Commercial Production

When you're thinking about creating that next TV commercial do you get overwhelmed? What do you do? How do you tackle a great looking and profitable commercial production for your business. Theres a lot that goes into creating that successful commercial and we're here to help make that happen. Each commercial we'll develop multiple scripts and fully illustrated storyboards to help give you the clearest visual possible. All you have to do is pick the one you like the most and we'll do the rest. From concept to delivery our commercial productions are truly customize for each company. 



South Meadow Production is a media production company that built its foundation on the skills of film photography. We most certainly aren't your typical portorate studio, our photography services derives from the services we offer, such as Real Estate, Corporate Portraits, behind the scenes of motion picture with Set Photoghraphy, and capturing nature a frame at a time with Outdoor Photoghraphy. Admire our gallery and now you can order your favorite. 

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