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Meet the Producer

Since the age of 8, Kevin always dreamt of being a movie director. As is often the case dreams are met with challenges along the way. Early on Kevin loved the stories and adventures that movies take people on and simply watching a movie wasn't enough. Kevin spent most of his younger years including high school involved with sports and the youth programs at his local church. It wasn't till 2001 when he graduated from high school he would make his first real step to becoming a movie director. Kevin moved to the New England area to enroll at Manchester Community College, Media Program. Here he got the opportunity to learn about film production, broadcast, writing/scripting, and editing, but unfortunity would not stay at the school long enough to really develop his skill. However he did learn one imprtant lesson, you can control how a product is created, but can't control how it's inturprited.

In 2003 Kevin enlisted into the Air Force and two weeks before Christmas he shipped out to basic training. Kevin served a 4 year term with the Air

Force performing the job of Survival Equipment, parachute rigger is the common term. During his technical training school, Kevin enrolled into a leadership program that would command squadron marches and drills during ceremonies and daily formations. They called themselves "Ropes." Ropes move up in rank by demonstrating excellence, great deal of moral stands, and the highest level of leadership. By the time Kevin graduated from tech school he had been promoted to the highest ranked Rope in his squadron. Once Kevin arrived at his duty station he saw another opportunity to be a leader and to be apart of a bigger picture of what the Air Force Stands for. Kevin volunteered for the base Honor Guard team. Here he would truely learn about proffesionalism, procedures, structure, apprience, working as a team, honor, respect, and most of all attention to detail. In the Honor Guard you are taught to be perfect, literally a fine tooth comb picking out every little detail. In the Honor Gaurd you are not an individual or a name you are the last representive of the branch of service in the eyes of the next of kin to a fallen soldier. There was no great sence of honor than being able to carry the american flag during a parade, firering off the 21 gun salute, folding the american flag over a lowered cascet or handing the flag off to a greaving widow. 2007 Kevin was officaly honorably discharged from the military and free to continue his pursute to being a movie director. In March of 2008 Kevin enrolled in Full Sail University's Film Program where he would get every bit of hands on experience he needs to truely develope a skill in media production. Full Sail literally gave Kevin hands on experience on all element of motion picture, from Arri 35mm film cameras to 10,000 watt lights, on location, backlot, and studio sound stage. As 35mm film production is the apex of all media production, at least at this school it was, there was one class that stood out and it would altimately change the direction of Kevin's dream

Kevin Westlund

job, It was a single class that stood out and it would altimately change the direction of Kevin's dream job. It was a single class in the entire program called Media Production. This class focused on smaller video based productions without the big budget of film. Other then the more practicle use of the production it would also allow Kevin to be more creative with each project and be able to interact with the client to give each production a personal touch. Once Kevin graduated he would begin to creat a production company based on this idea. Although it would take an additional 2 years before he would officially create the business. On Febuary of 2012 South Meadow Productions was officially created. All over central Florida he's worked on a variety of productions for all different kinds of clients such as: Disney, Bright House, NFL, Fantasy of Flight, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Uncorked Food and Wine Festival, Floridas Blueberry Festival, Beazer Homes, and many more while travaling all over the world to places as far as Beijing, China to capture a story. He's gain experience on feature films including, the award winning film, Sunlight Jr. and also The Investigator.

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