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Web Videos​

Today the internet has became one of the most powerful platforms for any business to advertise and inform its viewers. Specificly video marketing increases audience engagement and is one of the most effective ways to emotionally connect and engage with customers. Currently video is the fastest growing digital marketing tactics, but many bussinesses are still challenged with how to integrate and budget this powerful marketing tactic. 

"A web video its any short video less than the length of a

traditional television program viewed on the internet."



Web video is only a genre to identify its main viewing platform, like movies to a movie theater. However it's not limited by any means being labled as "web." Today almost every peice of media is on the web and its application can be extremely underestimated. Social Media platforms are a huge driver in video share, just look at You Tube, the number two search engine in the world. With over 2.4 billion people at your dispolal your web video just gave a quarter of the earths population access to your web video in a matter of seconds.


See what we

have done.

Why should I use video


Video marketing gives in any sence gives off a certain credability and confidence in people. 

What is a web


We see web videos as a replacement to TV commercials, only you determine how long it is, where it plays, and when its played. Not to mention its FREE to advertise and runs indefenitly. Enough said right? Well what if I told you I can get you in front of over 2 billion people would you be interested. Of couse you would and the chances are you're already doing some of it. Web videos are posted on sites like You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter that people all over the world follow. That simple fact makes it the single most powerful selling tool for any company because it packs a lot of information into a short video that they can see, hear, and read to help retain that information. Having a video on your web page


At South Meadow Productions we design and create each production with each businesses unique identity in mind. From script to screen we work on every element to deliver your clear message.


Typically we run our web videos at around :30 seconds to 3 minutes. Longer then 3 minutes depicts a narrative informational video, infomercial. 


Video content can really enhance a web site, but you have to be mindful of quality. Quality isn't only video resolution, its any number of things that will effect the final product. For example: 

  • Composition- How the shot is framed

                - This is making sure the picture doesn't cut off peoples heads, shot                     is level, in focus, and its not shaky.

  • Lighting- Lighing equals mood.

                - Lighting is a sub conscience element in film that will instansly tell                     someboby how to fell about the scene. Theres a big difference                           between an episode of "Friends" and "24." Don't you think?

  • Audio- What you hear makes a difference

                - The most important part of any video is debateble what you hear. 

                  Its important to make sure your dialoge is free of cracks, pops,                      wind, and ambient sounds that will drowned out the most important                part, what you have to say.

 motion pictures an tv gives views a shalow dipiction of what video should look like





Quality is just as important to us as it is to you and thats why we dont offer standard definition. Everything is filmed in HD. The list below shows services we offer.

How does

South Meadow Productions see your Web Video?

  • Script Writing

  • Editing

  • Casting

  • Music

  • Lighting

  • Studio


  • Green/white/blake Screen

  • Creative Personnel

  • Crew

  • Motion Graphics

  • Visual Effects

  • Project Managment


How do you Market with video?​

Our web videos will give you that opportunity.

Web videos is a genera of application like movies to theaters or tv show to tv. A web video can be anything you need it to be, a realestate company will use a video tour to showcass there propperties, a reatail store can use them to advertise a new product or feature. What ever it is South Meadow Production can produce what you need to get the message across.

Were do I put

     these videos?​

Due in part to the emergance of You Tube and later Twitter, video sharing via social media networks has become a major trend

If you web site isnt getting the traffic you want then post these video on site that millions of people are looking at, You Tube has 4 BILLION views every day with over 130 million hours of video watched each day.


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