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We at South Meadow Productions really enjoy the many different clients and types of productions we get to work with and in return like to share them with you. During the many stages of production we run into many challenges and excitments. Other then our facebook and twitter page this is were we'll post different things going on. You can see clients we're currently working with, just completed, as well as just getting started with. 

Eco Smart
The Safe Pesticide Brand 

Status: Pre-Production

South Meadow Productions has presented a series of scripts for Eco Smart to develop a visual representation of how this new 100% safe product will revolutionize its industry with organic elements and fast acting formula.
Radd Builders
Custom home builder                                                                Status: In Production


South Meadow Productions is now producing Full HD Video tours for one of Plant Cities premire custom home builders. There will be a series of customly designed homes, floor plans, features, and unique additions like a river rock wall. Check back to in the coming days to see the first installment.

South Meadow Productions has been selected to introduce the Tampa Bay to a new Mexican Restaurant in town, Taqueria Dona Maria. This Baja style food true stands on it's own for quality, taste, and authentic. Cleans that palette and reset your taste buds because you won’t find better Mexican Taqueria Restaurant “street food”  anywhere in the Tampa Bay area.

Status: Production

Taqueria Dona Maria
Clinical Research                                                          Status: Complete


South Meadow Productions is proud to be selected by MOORE Clinical Research to develope is't upcoming commercial. MOORE Clinical Research is a privately owned and operated research facility that specializes in conducting dermatology and internal medicine clinical trials. 

Holy Wedding Song
Music Video                                                                      Status: Complete


We were tasked to recreate a music video by City Harmonic


Untitled Project
Travel Web Series                                                           Status: In Production


Already in pre-production this series will launch the largest project South Meadow Productions has ever taken on. This will be a travel series featuring a select areas in the country highlighting the different elemnts of the trip. Specificly geared to everybody, but not every episoide. Some will find the leasure small towns relaxing while others will find the stranuous remote locations an adventure. at the end of each episode you'll ask yourself, "Can I do that" or "am I capable?" The pilot will act as a test to a select market. Based on the the results a full series will begin. Stay tuned for updates here and on facebook.


Where does your adventure take you?

Island Grove Wine
Wine Company                                                                 Status: Complete


Island Grove Wine company is one of very few wineries in the state of Florida that produces 100% Blueberry wine. Not only that, they produce the blueberry wine with the blueberries they produce on ther farm. This project takes a look at this winery and how they're producing fresh blueberries and wines.

Wheat Beer
Berliner Style                                                                       Status: Complete


The Berliner Weisse is a sour, tart, fruity, wheat beer that originated in Germany. Traditional its served with a syrup like a raspberry or woodruff syrup making it a fruity spritzer drink, very similar to a Lampic, but its also enjoyed without perserving the sour bitter taste that is becoming worldly popular.

Blueberry Festival
​Brooksville Florida 2013                                                        Status: Complete


The Florida Blueberry festival hosted it's 2nd annual festival this year in Brooksville to cellabrate the harvest of blueberries across the state Florida. Anything you can think of with blueberries and some things you never thought about. From blueberry pies, jams, salsas, fresh Blueberry short cakes, Soda, 100% blueberry wine, and not to mention fresh blueberries. As most people know about Plant cities Strawberry Festival, Brooksvilles Blueberry festival is quickly gaining ground as the spring festival everyone will want to go to.

Beazer Homes                              Status: Complete
Full HD Video tour


This cinematic approach comes straight out of Hollywood. Lights, camera, and editing done in a beautiful presintation that makes it feel like your realy in the house touring each room flowing through hallways and  and stairs urges people to want to see the house over and over. Beazer homes took on this concept for all their modles in the central Florida market. Take a look at what i've completed form them.

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